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Steiff Prince, the Purple Trademark Bear


Prince, the Purple Trademark Bear EAN 681691 8.00 steiffusa.com The "Trademark" collection of large alpaca Teddies has been one of the most popular series in the North American assortment in years. Prince, the final edition in the series, is sewn from one of the richest colors ever featured in the Steiff line: a deep, dark purple. Specially manufactured at Steiff-Schulte -- our very own fabric mill -- exclusively for this Teddy, Prince's luxurious alpaca coat is more than just a treat for the eyes. It also has an amazing, silky feel. Prince wears a real leather collar with a medallion that features the "script" version of a vintage Steiff button. Whether you have the entire set of Trademark bears or this will be your first, there's no doubt that Prince will be an exceptionally appealing addition to your collection.