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Our First Family Heirloom Bear Teddy Blum


Teddy Blum, the Family Heirloom Bear EAN 681653 $325.00 www.steiffusa.com It's not uncommon for Steiff bears to remain in the same family for generations. To pay tribute to this legacy, we've created the Family Heirloom series of Teddies based on bears with illustrious multi-generational stories. The first in the series is Teddy Blum, based on a bear owned by the Adler/Blum family of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Teddy Blum has been in the family for more than 40 years. He was won as a door prize at a book fair in Germany, later lived in India, and finally settled in California before coming to live in Massachusetts. This is a beautiful, classic, antique bear with all the characteristics that define the most coveted of all Steiff bears -- the long, pointed muzzle, the humped back, the distinctive profile. This is truly one bear you'll want to add to your own family's collection.


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