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Make Money With Steiff Bears


steiff-bear-ashby-bearsHere are some interesting facts about the Steiff bear collectibles..


Margarete Steiff was born in 1847 and died in 1909


1880 Development of the first soft-filled fabric toy animal


1892 The first Steiff catalogue was published


1893 Steiff attended its first trade fair


1902 The Teddy bear was born - Steiff invented the first plush animal


1904 The "Button in Ear" was used to protect all products


1907 Steiff sold 974,000 Teddy bears


These are well made quality bears, that have become a collectors item. Serious collectors are always searching for these Steiff Bears. With the availability of the internet now, you can search the world for your very own Steiff Bear without leaving your home! This is a great small business to start from home, and all you need is a computer.


Another great place to check, are estate sales, the items at estate sales are quite often sold in "lots", meaning a box of items etc.. you could luck out and find some real collectibles that way, including the bears.


But if you want to buy and sell and make money at the Steiff Bear collecting business, then the best place to check is online. Get to know the prices, and the bears that move the most. Put ads in the local paper to buy some Steiff Bears and then sell online for more.
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