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Christmas limited edition watch


Gathered in Beijing, many international luxury brands Sunbeam world, a world-renowned brand of jewelry vendors will be admitted to launch limited edition brand is almost Gejia year-end promotion measures, and these by hand to design limited edition merchandise is not only expensive, Moreover, and general goods than up, is often limited edition pocket money to rush out to buy Chuaizhuo.

A record high price limited edition frequently are nothing new, and in October 2000 at Christie's auction house, by the German company Steiff produced a 40 cm high teddy bear clothes to wear LV have been sold for more than 21 million euros in astronomical, but simply because - Limited!

According to the company's global marketing represented by words, "release a limited bear market's needs." "In the past we have always been regarded as toy company, the product only to the children, when the limited edition release, we become an adult company. "Clearly, the reason why limited edition popularity is that people rely on the design, taste and appreciation inherent in the continued pursuit of space.

"The same thing, the price of limited edition will always be much higher, but the sale of goods is much easier than most." Shin Kong heaven and these people said that this is mainly because more and more people began to join the pursuit of individuality, unique ranks, while the introduction of the number of limited edition merchandise but did not result in an increase, but also a result, when coupled with a limited number of international brands and a unique combination of design, the limited edition merchandise appears to reserve or have a long wait the taken for granted.

But distinct from the past is that in all the people under the influence of financial trends, limited edition merchandise apart from urban influx of people, but also started to enter into the area of investment in collection and even those who, while they are promising is the potential for future value-added limited edition . "Last year I particularly promising in Hong Kong, a limited edition Chanel handbag, but because there is no expensive shot, the result of collective increases this year, the price of handbags, but last year's favored styles are now simply can not buy a." In 2008 joined the "Limited Edition" collection of Ms. Lee talked about her in Hong Kong in 2008, when the Christmas shopping experience is still a bit sorry, "If I had bought the firm, even if the investment, but now they have 10% of the proceeds of."

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