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Buying Steiff As A Baby Gift


My First Steiff - Baby SteiffBuying gifts for a baby is always a joy. Whether it’s a woman thing, we don’t know; but anything to do with babies drives us into a coochy-coo stupor.

Gifts for babies are so eclectic these days. From practical romper suits (how can any human be THAT small?), to cute baby-friendly cuddlies;  silver rattles to the softest cot-bound comfort blankets – gifts like these are just made for Baby Land.

Babies bring out the best in us. Their huge eyes draw us like magnets, and we just can’t help holding them close. It’s all about baby power.

And from that first photo, taken in hospital as soon as baby is picture-ready, babies are made to be photographed. Again. And again. And again.

Consequently, photo frames always make great presents for proud parents.  And so that no-one need feel left out, there are frames especially for grandparents, godparents, you name it, available to the canny baby gift buyer.

Christening gifts are a real pleasure to buy, too. From tiny silver tankards to bitesized knife and fork sets, silver money boxes to pretty bangles, the choice of baby-friendly items is endless.

We are sure there is a law out there that says no baby should be without his or her very own teddy bear. This little gift is laden with love. A teddy will comfort when baby frets, make him smile as soon as he is able, and offer a warm cuddle when he is chilly.

Even for the adults in the house, there is something magical about the presence of a teddy bear. Why do people pay thousands for a Steiff bear, do you think? Because the teddy has been a staple of any nursery worth its salt, for centuries.

Parents have a fabulous time buying gifts to bring their baby’s nursery to life. Soft toys, anything in pastel pink or blue; brightly coloured mobiles – and, of course, the essential baby monitor, are all destined for the modern nursery.

If you are buying a gift for a newborn baby, or have been invited to a baby’s christening or naming ceremony, see www.thegiftexperience.co.uk for loads of wonderful ideas to delight both the new arrival and mum and dad in equal measure.

Personalising a baby gift is a quick and easy way to make your choice extra special. What’s more, opting to have your present engraved with a special message of your choice gives any gift instant keepsake status.

There is something about seeing a name in the ‘flesh’ that strikes a chord with all the family. Again, it makes us smile. It gives us a warm glow. And, believe us, it makes all the difference.

Why not buy that gift for your chosen baby, today? Cliche it may be; but babies are never babies for long. Before we know it, we will be celebrating their 18th birthday ...

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