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Anniversary Gifts That Mean A Lot


A wedding anniversary can sometimes feel like yet another annual event when you are required to produce or post an obligatory greetings card; often purchased at the last minute with the weekly shop.  Personally, I feel that most anniversaries are a time for the couple in question to celebrate their years together, yet there are some significant milestones which really warrant a pat on the back and a celebration.

The first wedding anniversary is a great time to relive the wedding day of twelve months ago and what better way than a party or get-together for the couple's nearest and dearest?  Often the months following the big day are a come-down, especially for the bride, so another good knees-up or civilised dinner party can remind the lucky lady how wonderful she felt on her wedding day.  The first wedding anniversary is traditionally represented by paper and could be marked with a thoughtful book or a newspaper from the wedding date.

Other special anniversaries are traditionally marked with these materials - Five years of wedded bliss is the anniversary of wood - there are limitless gifts crafted from wood or you could throw a bonfire party where everyone brings a firework!  The tenth anniversary is represented by tin - a nostalgic home-ware gift could be perfect.  25 years of marriage and silver is the theme - there's no need to be unoriginal with a photo frame - think about wine glass charms or matching key rings.  

If you're in search of a unique gift to celebrate the successful marriage of a good friend or relative why not start with these photo ideas...If you can, get hold of the couple's photo albums and pick photos to make into a collage (this can be done easily with software you can download free on-line).  Or pick a favourite wedding photo consigned to a dusty album and have it restored or blown up.  Photo gifts can be presented in so many ways, including canvas wall-prints, professionally-bound photo books or even a deck chair!

A special present mentioning the year of the wedding or of the anniversary is a lovely touch.  Any gift that can be displayed in the couple's home, with the year of the celebration will always bring a smile and the giver will be remembered fondly too!  How about a good wine bottled in the year of the wedding or there is a selection of collectable Steiff Bears with the year embroidered on their paw or ribbon.

With a little help and some original ideas even I can find some truly personal presents that will congratulate a couple on their achievement and be treasured!  Now what about all of those birthdays...


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