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Steiff Bear Gift Box Someone help me


I recently bought a Steiff Mungo Meerkat and he's definitely genuine but im a little unsure of the box because i've never seen it before and ive looked everywhere to try to find a picture and nowhere has one. Its like a pale green colour with the new steiff writing in white on top. The box is in two halves ie the top fits over the bottom (like a shoebox) and it has little steiff animal designs all over it in a kinda faded dark green. I'm just wondering if anyone else can put my mind at ease? Is it like a new box or just a box used for the animals range? To be clear, I wasnt born y/day, he has all his tags, his button and tag in his ear, his throat tag and his authentication certificates etc. I just cant seem to find any help on the internet so any help at all would be great!! x


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