how much is my steiff teddy bear worth?

Question by BlondeDrama: how much is my steiff teddy bear worth?
I have a brown Steiff teddy bear that was given to me in 1995. It has the ear tag and is in great condition. The cardboard round tag attached to the Chest says "Orsi" if that means anything. I was wondering if anyone knew about these bears and how much this one is worth at this time?

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Answer by John
Unfortunately, this bear is not anywhere online, therefore it is hard to ind a price. I would check with a dealer or specialist in your area, to see if it may be worth something. I would need some more information on the bear to find it though, I would need the year it was made, not given to you, and any other tags. Just going by the name though, it will be $ 100+ at least.

Sorry I couldn't help more...

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Looking For A Steiff Evangleline Bear

Looking For A Steiff Evangleline Bear

The FAO Schwarz Celeste Angel bear is fully jointed, in soft, curly periwinkle colored tip-dyed mohair, featuring feminine details like delicate wings with marabou accents and a decorative garland of flower-wreath headpiece with periwinkle rosettes. This angelic beauty is limited to 1,500 pieces, 27 cm in size, comes with a certificate of authenticity in a standard Steiff felt bag. Other Angel bears issued in this series are Evangeline (1999) and Annelise (2000).

Steiff Bear Gift Box Someone help me

I recently bought a Steiff Mungo Meerkat and he's definitely genuine but im a little unsure of the box because i've never seen it before and ive looked everywhere to try to find a picture and nowhere has one. Its like a pale green colour with the new steiff writing in white on top. The box is in two halves ie the top fits over the bottom (like a shoebox) and it has little steiff animal designs all over it in a kinda faded dark green. I'm just wondering if anyone else can put my mind at ease? Is it like a new box or just a box used for the animals range? To be clear, I wasnt born y/day, he has all his tags, his button and tag in his ear, his throat tag and his authentication certificates etc. I just cant seem to find any help on the internet so any help at all would be great!! x

I need help to trace a Bear-Steiff?

Hello. I'm from the UK and I have just purchased an antique Steiff Bear, Brown Bear on cast iron wheels, I think he dates from 1919. I am told by the dealer that he belonged to a William Curn who resided in Steubenville in Ohio. He bought him from the Grandson but I have no details regarding the Grandson, only an old photograph depicting the Grandfather with the bear. Can anyone help me trace anyone that may know the family? I simply want to trace the bears history.

Thank you.